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Environmental protection is no empty phrase for us; rather, we consider it to be our obligation. Our production processes are planned so that they use a minimum of raw materials and energy in order to fulfill this requirement to ensure the lowest possible impact on the environment.


Our finished products already meet the environmentally- and consumer-friendly standards: halogen- and lead-free plug inserts are standard at TALLER.


Here are a few examples:

  • Our modern, computer-controlled electro-plating facility is equipped with a closed wastewater treatment and nickel recovery system
  • Our turning shop with over 50 automatic lathes is equipped with a closed cooling system. Moreover, we separate metal cuttings from the oil used in production; the oil is fed back to the machines once cleaned
  • Plug inserts with hollow pins that are as good as lead-free
  • Halogen-free plug inserts and sockets


Of course, all of our products comply with the RoHS and REACH guidelines.

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