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Variability, flexibility and efficiency consistently followed - TIS.

Flexibility at the production line

Designed for the special needs of the household appliance industry, our interconnection system TIS provides several solutions for the connection to the machine. A coding system protects the system against overload and allows usage of the best economical wire cross section. The option to use a fully automated testing with only one test adapter is revolutionary for the end of line test. With this system unexpected market fluctuations, high stock, complicated production control and planning are a thing of the past.



Variabilität konsequent gelebt

  • You reduce sustainably your internal variants
  • You produce only one appliance with TIS
  • You are absolutely flexible on the market

TIS Production and requirement planning

Production total demand with TIS connector

= one type + country cordset


Fully molded contacts

Contacts are molded directly through the insulator. This ensures a secure grip and protection against squeeze out of the contact.

Flexible interface to the electronic devices

The contact allows maximum flexibility for the customer. The abilities to solder the connector on a circuit board or cable wires to connect individual crimp contacts are already realized. Customized options are available.

Coding with dual function

By coding the connector an inverse-polarity and overload protection is guarateed. This prevents to use a 6 amps or 10 amps cordset instead of a 16 amps cordset.

TIS Video

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