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Stamped and Turned Parts

In order to ensure its high quality requirements, TALLER have always pursued the objective of manufacturing as many components as possible in-house. It is therefore only natural to also produce customer specific stamped, turned and injection.molded parts. What, therefore, could be more natural than also producing customer-specific stamped, turned and injection-molded parts oneself?


The molding and assembly of stamped and turned parts is one of TALLER’s specialties. The individual components are put together in fully automated assembly cabins; computer-aided monitoring cameras control each individual stage in the assembly. Years of experience in the molding of stamped and turned parts makes TALLER your ideal partner for supplying complete system components.

Stamped Parts

Stamped parts are available as bulk parts or on reels. We work with BIHLER, BRUDERER and HAULICK machines, among others, that are without doubt among the best machines available on the market today.

Turning Parts

Almost all of our traditional products contain turned parts. Over 50 lathes operate around the clock manufacturing millions of brass turned parts of various dimensions, tolerances and designs.

Molded Parts

We design and develop our own injection molding tools. Our over 50 injection molding machines are state-of-the-art. Again, constant high quality is assured by the greatest degree of automation, robot-fitted parts and camera monitoring.

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