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Plug inserts with hollow pins

Schuko and contour inserts with hollow pins


Plug inserts with hollow pins have two decisive advantages over conventional inserts with solid pins:


  • They save valuable resources
  • Hollow pins are almost lead-free


Conventional solid pins are turned parts, the production of which requires a lead content of 2 – 3 %. In contrast, hollow pins are almost lead-free, with a lead content of only 0.05 %.


This means that hollow pins fulfil two crucial requirements for innovative products:


  • They are eco-friendly
  • and do not present a health risk.


The future belongs to our hollow pin inserts. The environmental and health aspects speak for themselves. TALLER has both VDE and KEMA approval for its hollow pin variants.


We will be happy to send you drawings, samples and certificates related to our KEMA / VDE approvals.



All our products correspond to both

RoHS Directive 2011 / 65 / EU


REACH EG 1907 / 2006 regulation.

(Candidate list SVHC in the current valid version)

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