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Welcome to Taller

Your partner for cable assemblies and crimping machines.

Your partner for cable assemblies and crimping machines. TALLER produces plug inserts, inserts for connectors and sockets, connecting systems for domestic appliances and turning, stamped and molded parts. Crimping machines to further process the above products complete the TALLER product range. At TALLER you find everything you need in the field of cable assemblies. We keep many of our standard products in stock and can supply them immediately. For further information go to: »Products | »Catalog

The leader in automation, quality and innovation

TALLER connects – a message that rings true in every respect! TALLER GmbH was founded in 1978 and is today one of the leading global suppliers in the field of cable assemblies. We export 90% of our plug inserts worldwide. » More about Taller

Innovations from the Taller development workshop

Hybrid parts: Expertise in metals and plastics

Insert molding and assembly of customer-specific stamped and turned parts is one of TALLER’s specialties. The individual components are put together in fully automated assembly cabins; computer-aided monitoring cameras control each individual stage in the assembly. » More

Systems & OEM: Build on Taller components

TALLER can support you in the implementation or optimization of electrical components, assemblies and complete systems. As a system supplier we will assume for you the responsibility for the entire development, manufacturing and logistics process. » more

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